Reno (*2009) is a “heartcore” band from Brussels, Belgium.

The current line-up consists of drummer David Delander, bassist Hugues Desrosiers « HP», vocalist and bandleader David Frère, and guitarist Julien Buck Dufrane. The band plays an abrasive style of hardcore that does not adhere to typical styling, mixing their different influences from chaotic paced to heavier passionate parts.

Their powerful live performances quickly brought them a good reputation of shaking the standards of an average hardcore show, with Frère’s lyrics covering topics like personal struggles, philosophy, hopes, love & life. Nervous and unstructured guitars, hammering bass, powerful drums behind shining lyrics and harsh vocals is the least you can expect from those guys.

The band was formed by Julien in 2009, and after a line-up change, RENO released their self-titled 7 inch vinyl in April 2010 (released on well-known belgian I For Us and two german labels, Tanzbär & Apocaplexy ), which was then followed by their first studio album, “The Year Of Love”, physically and digitally released through I For Us Records in October 2010. The digital USA/Canada release was set September 21st on Dark Habitat Noise Co.