Please welcome Evenworse to Tanzbär Records (and other news)

28. July 2011 - 23:48

Evenworse have been added to our roster:

Not only is the hardcore/punk act EVENWORSE from Schweinfurt/Germany from now on a five piece, but they’ve also recorded their new EP “Resignation Day”.

News about this gem will be posted soon, so watch out. Meanwhile you can listen to one of the tracks which will also appear at the 7″ and the tape on EVENWORSE’s bandcamp.

EVENWORSE @ Facebook

New home to Tanzbär Records:

“… This is the only place I feel I truly belong. …”

So we’ve decided to give our shitty blog a new face, a proper web address and last but not least a real online store.
Thanks to Michael, who has worked his ass off, the homepage is from now on officially up and running – you see what you get.

To celebrate these news the pre-order for our first t-shirt is starting right now.
They will ship in mid to late November.

Blackstone are streaming their whole 7″ “The Devil’s Crown”:

BLACKSTONE from Regensburg, whose 7″ “The Devil’s Crown” has been released earlier this year, are streaming the whole EP on bandcamp now. Give it a try. If you like what you here, get the 7″ at our store!